17th Street Office and parking structures 

In partnership with Infinity Collective, Studio Mc+G competed in a RFP to revamp the existing parking lots around Lincoln Road. The goals required by the RFP and achieved by our proposal include:

– Providing world-class commercial, parking and office space to meet increasing market demand

– Maintaining parking with alternative and sustainable transportation and mobility options

– Activating North Lincoln Lane from a service alley to a vibrant and pedestrian-friendly street, providing additional connection between world-renown Washington Avenue and Alton Road

– Connecting the recently built Convention Center District with Lincoln Road

– Providing additional public benefits

– Providing additional pedestrian amenities that will enhance the urban experience.

By incorporating clear photovoltaic panels as visible, aesthetic part of the architectural expression, non-toxic, ecologically restorative materials, EV charging and rainwater capture and reuse among other features, we follow the design precepts of the Living Building Challenge initiative as requested by the RFP.

Maximizing the site’s potential, our 6-story proposal achieved 11,000 SF of retail, 2000 SF pop up interior and exterior community art spaces, 230 parking spaces, 28,500 SF of office space, 5,000 SF community garden and event space and a 3,000 SF outdoor terrace.

Location: Miami Beach, Florida, USA
Category: Office and Commercial
Area: 16,875 sf / 1,568 m2
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