Christ journey church sunset campus

This is the third location for the Christ Journey Church located in the historic community of Glenvar Heights, Miami. The 42,000 square feet facility will hold an auditorium, church classrooms, office space, and various other amenities.

Our design seeks to address the space between the physical and spiritual states of transience and permanence. This is achieved by constructing highly flexible spaces that allow a multitude of integrations. In addition, we reassessed the physical experience of the traditional planar, static nave and expanded its role beyond the Worship Stage and into the main artery of the building.

This proposed “nave” folds vertically, conceiving a celebration platform (the mezzanine stage) which interacts with adjacent spaces in different arrangements as required by the event type. V-shaped aluminum screens serve as guardrails and create a special artwork, as the parishioners interact, displaying printed images alluding to Florida landscapes that can be seen from the nave, and child-friendly imagery, which can be seen from the school. This effect rewards the viewers as they move around the space with an illusion of depth and movement.


Location: Miami, Florida, USA
Category: Institutional
Area: 42,000 sf / 3,900 m2
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