Edison little river community center 

Miami-Dade County Community Resource Centers offer social services to economically disadvantaged individuals and families interested in achieving self-sufficiency. Services include Tax Preparation Assistance, Farmworker Employment Training, Domestic Violence Assistance, Disability Services for People Living Independently (DSAIL) and Computer Training among others.

Mc+G proposes a much-needed revitalization of the Edison Little River Community Center located in Miami. Existing facilities display complicated circulation, disconnected spaces and lack of identity and wayfinding. However, the current presence of skylights and a small but impactful atrium guides our search for uniform and natural lighting. Challenges include an uninviting relationship to the main street to the north (79th Street) and the neighborhood to the south, as well as deficiency in natural light & vibrant contemporary colors for interior spaces.

Mc+G Studio’s design proposes a rejuvenated, colorful and vibrant social environment, based on uniformly distributed light and colorful tiling delineating each of the facility’s service areas. Staff and visitor outdoor areas, as well as an outdoor stage and seating areas aim to make the community feel welcome. Designating identity through colors to facility functions is achieved through the selection of two main flooring materials: Color tile for public spaces in patterns, and tiled carpet for working spaces. Natural lighting orients the architectural solution: A translucent panel system throughout the ceiling of the public spaces complements the existing skylights and the central atrium. Light is distributed evenly and efficiently, creating a state of wellbeing for staff and visitors and protect public and staff from the elements in the exterior. Visible photovoltaic panels communicate the imperative necessity of sustainable, connected communities. “Solar ducts” transmit natural daylight into public spaces at interior points.

Providing staff and visitor spaces to gather while remaining separated from direct contact with the street allows integrative spaces. Weatherproof, self-cleaning shading sails are proposed to diffuse natural light and to provide protection from the elements. Integrating outdoor leisure games into the landscape (ping pong, foosball, chess, etc.) can improve the outdoors experience for staff and users.

Location: Miami, Florida, USA
Category: Institutional
Area: 7,695 sf / 715 m2
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