new direction residential treatment program 

Architecture and physical environment play a major role in rehabilitation facilities. The design should be stimulating, friendly and safe to encourage and promote achievement and inspiration.

Studio Mc+G developed a Master Plan for the women’s side at the government funded treatment facility: New Direction Residential Treatment Program.

In order to include greener spaces, we proposed therapeutic farming on site and animal-assisted interventions by having an animal farm on site.

Understanding that an engaging environment lessens feelings of loneliness and anxiety, Studio Mc+G proposed that the main 40-beds, meeting, support, dining and administration spaces frame an open courtyard where nature is in the forefront and patients are encouraged to gather and be active. We recommended materials familiar to everyone to encourage a sense of home, and a layout that is easy to navigate, where patients can feel in control of their environment.

Location: Miami, Florida, USA
Category: Institutional
Area: 46,760 sf / 4,344 m2
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