PaliHouse Hotel Miami Beach

The hotel’s original Art Deco building was established in the 1940s as the Greenbrier hotel. It became part of the Collins Waterfront Historic district as it faces the intercoastal and sits on Indian Creek Drive & 31st street. In the ‘90’s, guestrooms were converted into 41 condo units.

After a period of declining conditions, the hotel has been redesigned and renovated under PALIHOUSE – a company known to redevelop historic buildings into unique boutique hotels. The design for this contemporary beach lodge is highly eclectic, inspired by an eastern seabord meets boho Mediterranean beach flair, with modern touches tempered by aged materials.

It features a restoration of its exterior’s Art Deco style including its prominent geometric curve, architectural eyebrows, porthole windows, and a new sign, reminiscent of the original vintage neon emblem. A nod to the retro cool vibe of the 1940’s into a modern day hotel.


Location: Miami Beach, Florida, USA
Category: Historic Preservation and Hospitality
Area: 31,506 sf / 2,930 m2
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