place louverture 

Studio Mc+G partnered with Little Haiti Housing Association Inc. and Little Haiti Community Development corporation and we are currently working towards efficiently developing 13 units in a vacant site bought by SFCLT, in the heart of Little Haiti with a promise to protect its affordability.

Our studio’s design envisions the maximization of common neighborhood areas and custom, cost-efficient railing to express a connection with Haiti’s tradition of the custom Ginger Bread houses that made its way into recognizable Louisiana architecture and other areas of the Caribbean. Units feature skylights to bring natural light into narrow spaces.

The project secures funding from the South Florida CLT Accelerator Fund, Citi Community Development and contributions from Enterprise Community Partners, Health Foundation of South Florida and IBERIABANK.

Location: Miami, Florida, USA
Category: Residential
Area: 16,875 sf / 1,568 m2
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