THE folding house 

Located in the Ocean Beach Historic District, this 2,700sf home was designed to respect and pay homage to the original wood structure on site.

To make sure the project stayed true to itself, Studio Mc+G carefully reconstructed and relocated the centered entrance to the east side of the property, creating a new abstract façade that delineates an open space filled with natural light and vegetation. Its symmetry defines the main proposed entry, allowing for an existing protected street tree to remain, as the driveway is in the adjacent façade.

The new façade of the home presents a unique faceted profile in a folding sequence of stone, clear and fluted glass, that encourages morning sun while controlling its entry in the afternoon. The plan distribution resulted in an expansive, elegant living room and master bedroom, while accommodating three additional bedrooms.

This home dares to define modern standards for urban living while preserving its historic importance.

Location: Miami Beach, Florida, USA
Category: Historic Preservation and Residential
Area: 2,700 sf / 251 m2
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