THE hohauser HOTEL

Named after Miami Beach architect Henry Hohauser who designed the existing buildings on the property, a seven-story hotel will be erected at the back of the lot, while 2 of the three two-story apartments will be restored. In addition to the hotel units, the project includes a roof deck with pool and a ground floor 80 seat restaurant.

The contemporary intervention proposes rebuilding the main fa├žade of the central building and repurposing as the entrance of the 7-story, 46,000 square feet hotel. Its passive solar control elements and impact fluted glazing engage the twin historic structures and courtyard and pay tribute to the streamline modern curves.

We are honored to be doing a historic renovation of this small hotel campus on Miami Beach.


Location: Miami Beach, Florida, USA
Category: Historic Preservation and Hospitality
Area: 46,000 sf / 4,273 m2
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