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Creative optimism is the basis of design of the spaces and objects that we enjoy composing. Studio MC+G designers understand our client’s needs and desires, as well as the role of the building in its larger context: Catalysts of creative energy and culture, prosperity and urban dynamism. From our office operations to our designs, we work with the understanding that resource efficiency is of particular importance in our time.


Studio MC+G ’s knowledge of local zoning codes is of particular importance in helping clients during their due diligence phase and early design phase, facilitating understanding of how to utilize a selected site to its full potential. We work closely with local planning departments to verify zoning and prepare studies, concept floor plans, and massing diagrams to complement our clients’ proformas.


To assist our clients, we prepare facilities packages for developments where areas have not been planned or described in writing or spreadsheet form. We also masterplan residential, retail, hospitality and resort projects and work with other urban planning and landscape architectural firms to prepare a complete masterplan design.


The firm’s founder, Mrs. McConney-Gayoso, has several years of Historic Preservation experience and numerous Historic renovations completed. Her focus of preservation work has taken place in Miami and Miami Beach, and projects that she has managed have won several awards over the years.


With the understanding that all rooms and spaces should be both functional and stimulating, our team prepares space planning diagrams and floor plans that allow the end-user to get the highest and best use out of their property.

                                                    OUR EXPERTISE


Studio MC+G designs retail and restaurant experiences to draw people into unforgettable spaces via storefronts that effectively and creatively promote tenant’s spaces. We take pleasure in preparing design and construction plans for different scale spaces, from small retail up to large national tenant spaces.


Our studio excels at custom home design, home remodeling and expansions by listening to the homeowner and understanding how they live. We expand the experience of our clients’ homes, constructing moments with light, sound, views, movement and touch.


Having a special role in our vibrant region, hotels require designs that maximize available space while achieving memorable experiences for visitors in an increasingly interconnected world.


Attention to detail is elemental to successful architecture, particularly in the CD and CA phases. Our extensive local expertise in zoning approvals, construction documents, permitting and construction administration facilitates the process.


2022  Pawchitecture Design+Build, Most Miami Award

2022 AIA Emerging Professionals: Entrepreneur of the Year

2021 Dade Heritage Trust Preservation Award for Palihouse Hotel

2020 AIA Merit Award of Excellence Renovation Restoration for Palihouse Hotel

2019 AIA Small Firm of the Year





Jennifer McConney-Gayoso, AIA 

is the Principal at Studio MC+G Architecture. She is a Registered Architect in the State of Florida with over 25 years of experience assisting developers on complex mixed-use projects and providing innovative solutions to site and building design.
Jennifer McConney-Gayoso, AIA 

Studio MC+G Architecture specializes in Hospitality and Resort Design, Historic Preservation, Commercial Retail, Residences and Affordable Housing. Before establishing her own firm, Jennifer was the Director of Design at a large firm where she managed more than 500 projects in the 18 years with the company.

Her attention to detail and her ability to maintain repeat clients has made her a sought after Architectural talent in South Florida.

McG brings a team of professionals dedicated to projecting a vision of ecology-based humanism within a contemporary framework. Aiming to make people admire and celebrate architecture with ideas that stimulate younger generations to regard buildings as catalysts of thought, creativity, respite, delight, social responsiveness and engagement.

Angela Johnson
Angela Johnson Studio Director / Sr. PM
Gigi Chuy
Gigi Chuy Sr. Project Manager
Jorge Cuba
Jorge Cuba Sr. Project Manager
Pina del Conte
Pina del Conte Sr. Project Manager
Jonathan Trejo
Jonathan Trejo Project Manager
Mayroon Yacoub
Mayroon Yacoub Interior Architect PM
Andres Pinero
Andres Pinero Project Architect
Manuel Rodríguez
Manuel Rodríguez Project Architect
Cesia Alvarado
Cesia Alvarado Architectural Staff
Gabriela Soto
Gabriela Soto Project Architect
Kevin Patterson
Kevin Patterson Architectural Staff
Mage Flechet
Mage Flechet Administrative Assistant
Nicole Koroglu
Nicole Koroglu Bookkeeper / HR
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