McConney-Gayoso, AIA
is the principal at Studio MC+G Architecture. She is a Registered Architect in the State of Florida with over 20 years of experience assisting developers on complex mixed-use projects and providing innovative solutions to site and building design.

Studio MC+G Architecture specializes in Hospitality and Resort Design, Historic Preservation, Commercial Retail, Residences and Affordable Housing. Before establishing her own firm, Jennifer was the Director of Design at a large firm where she managed more than 500 projects in the 18 years with the company.

Her attention to detail and her ability to maintain repeat clients has made her a sought after Architectural talent in South Florida. McG brings a team of professionals dedicated to projecting a vision of ecology-based humanism within a contemporary framework, aiming to make people admire and celebrate architecture with ideas that stimulate younger generations to regard buildings as catalysts of thought, creativity, respite, delight, social responsiveness and engagement.




“Today the figure of the architect can no longer be seen only in terms of a ‘producer of objects’ but rather as a ‘strategist of process’. Indeed it is no longer about designing from, but about fostering the rules of the game.”

Manuel Gausa, PhD

“To make sure that the building can be interpreted by those who come after us they need to be disconnected from current trends, and it’s not easy. Because this is not a formal exercise, but an effort to give a social sense to the discipline, to link it to a wider culture, to an economic and political scenario to come (…) If an architecture makes you feel free to express yourself, people will complete their meaning and give it that relevance that will prevent them from becoming obsolete”

Elizabeth Diller,  on what is interesting in architecture