view 29 workforce housing 

Preserving and reestablishing community are the aims of the View 29 development in Wynwood, where rapid growth and the service industry, make affordability options essential.

New Urban Development, an affiliate of The Urban League of Greater Miami, is a 75-year-old service organization with a mission of providing with clean, quality, affordable housing to underserved communities such as single parents, female heads of household, the disabled, seniors, and working families. Studio Mc+G has designed the 116-housing unit complex, targeting various income ranges with 48 one-bedroom, 58 two-bedroom and 10 three-bedroom units, as well as 8,600 SF of retail space.

Our design looks to the Fashion District for reference, an area of Wynwood running on 5th avenue from 23rd to 29th Street that once was a hub for garment manufacturers. Later, Korean garment business owners invested in the area, enduring vacant and boarded-up warehouse facades that came with the decline of the ‘80s, and revitalizing it into today’s vibrant small-business strip. We celebrate the intersections between the industrial, entrepreneurial nature of the site and the current digital age. We live at a time in which entrepreneurship is encouraged by contemporary means like home 3d-printing, far-reaching advertisement platforms, sharing of workspaces and small-scale manufacturing. Rake-textured, denim-colored stucco, copper cladding, rivets and steel wire are reminiscent of fabric and loom machines, as the building presents the image of an entity weaving and threading itself in an optimistic manifestation of production.

Location: Wynwood, Miami, Florida, USA
Category: Commercial and Multifamily
Area: 27,717 sf / 2,575 m2
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